February 2015

Participation at IRIS Conference.

SuiGenerisData participated and contributed a paper as well as a presentation at the International Legal Informatics Symposium, that took place February 26 – 28, 2015 at University of Salzburg, Austria. Already being in its 18th year, IRIS has been established as the largest and most important academic conference on computers and law in Austria and Central Europe. The leading topic of IRIS2015 is: Cooperation.

Contribution abstract: "Within the validity of the current data protection legislation and the proposed General Data Protection Regulation, an organization which processes personal data, has to give proof that its business processes do not affect people´s personal data in an unacceptable way. To furnish proof of this will be increasingly difficult because of the ever-increasing amount whilst collection, processing and use of personal data in the future economy. The future level of data protection in such cases will therefore increasingly depend on a more structural approach. To solve this problem, this contribution suggests the setting up of a Data Protection Management System (DPMS) based on the principles of an Information Management System (ISMS) and explained in detail by a practical example of an accurate Data Governance."

November 2014

Participation at Cyberspace Conference.

SuiGenerisData participated at the International Cyberspace Conference, taking place November 28 – 29, 2014, in Brno, Czech
Republic. Organized by the Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University and
the European Academy of Law and ICT.

October 2014

SuiGenerisData successfully accompanied our client Logitravel GmbH Logitravel GmbH through a Data Protection Audit.

Subjects of audit trail:

– Compliance with German data protection legislation

– Assistance to the Group Data Protection Officer

July 2014

Participation at IDP Conference.

SuiGenerisData participated and contributed a paper as well as a presentation at the Conference on Internet, Law and Politics, taking place July 03 – 04, 2014 at Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain.

"This tenth Conference on Internet, Law and Politics looks back and analyses a decade of changes in law and politics brought on by information and communication technologies. Likewise, however, the conference also invites those taking part to look forward and explore the challenges we will have to face in the near future."

Free download our conference paper on "Data Protection Management System - A future organizational approach to handle growing quantities of data?"

June 2014

mendo We are delighted to advise our new client, Mendo Global Corporate Services S.L. on business development for its German Desk and the coordination of different areas of practice and expertise.

Subjects of advisory:

– Commercial law

– Comprehensive services to German companies with business interests in Spain and vice versa

May 2014

Participation at EIC Conference.

SuiGenerisData participated at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014, taking place
May 13 – 16, 2014 at the Dolce Ballhaus Forum Unterschleißheim, Munich/Germany.

"European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014 is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT. With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for more than 500 enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe and beyond."


April 2014

We are delighted to advise our new client, Logitravel GmbH on compliance with data protection requirements.

Subjects of advisory:

– Compliance of Logitravel.de website with German legislation

– Data Protection Audits

– Assistance to the Group Data Protection Officer

– Person of Contact for all Data Protection issues in Germany

April 2014

A warm welcome to our new team member, Mr. Ricardo Morte Ferrer. He supports our ongoing transnational Data Protection Projects.

Mr. Morte Ferrer is a fully qualified Spanish attorney (Abogado) and is admitted to the bar association of Palma de Mallorca. He obtained a Master's degree at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Information and Knowledge Society and a Master's Degree in Sports Law at Universitat de Lleida. He has extensive experience as Privacy and Data Protection Consultant, having worked for the Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD) at Kiel.

February 2014

Our Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, Mr. Fischer, contributed a conference paper and presented on "Privacy by (Re)Design in Smart Device Applications" at the International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS) in Salzburg. He will soon be presenting on "Between the poles of copyright enforcement and privacy" and lead an IRIS session as chairman.

Contribution abstract: "Strengthening the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the digital environment must not come at the expense of fundamental rights and freedom of individuals to privacy, data protection and other rights such as the presumption of innocence and effective judicial protection. The aim of this paper will be to bring some light into contents and relationships between several legal initiatives at an international level and try to find a common denominator of their threats to privacy and data protection. The final section draws the attention on achievable solutions."