SuiGenerisData's privacy and data security practice members understand data-use business models and how data flows generate profits for our clients. That enables us to provide products and strategic business consulting on all aspects at the interfaces of different requirements that are all logically related to the value of corporate data:

– We develop solutions "to link man and machine" (software, hardware)

– We simplify implementation, customization and usability of various existing or new IT products observing high data security and compliance

– We advise and train in, inter alia, data protection, data security and IT Governance

– We connect manufacturers and retailers via secure EDI

– We create content for the marketing of products on major e-commerce platforms

– We offer end-to-end solutions for customer-specific IT products

– We support our customers in the analysis, design, optimization and automation of their IT services


The expertise of our team lies in an ideal combination of IT-, compliance-, project management- and software engineering-experiences:

– Certified (TÜV and BvD) external and internal Data Protection Officers and -Auditors with legal background

– ITIL®, PRINCE2® and COBIT®5 certified consultants

– SAP® specialists

Expert Knowledge

Our experts have extensive underlying subject matter experience. We look back on many years of professional experiences and pass them on in full to our customers:

– Custom-specific software programming

– Hardware for password security

– Privacy policies

– Data security management

– IT Security

– Appointments of data protection officers

– Consultancies in E-Commerce

– Content management

– Intellectual property portfolio management

– EDI connections to SAP- and other systems and listing of products

– E-payment for cash and payment systems

– Training in data protection, data security and IT governance

– Process- and project management as a seamless connection of all areas


We provide customer-specific software design, planning, implementation, rollout and support in all service areas. Each project needs its own strategic requirements. We always define project objectives closely connected with the customer and carry out, step-by-step, a prioritization of milestones, definition of main products and project product output.

From a Single Source

"What belongs together, grows together". We provide services at various interfaces of IT processes and work goal-oriented on perfectioning the value of data and its protection. These processes and projects usually and unnecessarily are assigned to very different suppliers. SuiGenerisData links what is logically and perfectly connected and offers these services from a single source. Projects will be completed faster and more sustainable, a complex coordination of multiple service providers is no longer necessary.

Sustainable Advice

We not only supply, we accompany. We train your staff constantly on our end products and sustainably support you during and after the introduction of software products and care for integrated solutions for existing or planned processes. Together with our full-transparency-policy, a client login section and detailed reporting system our clients are constantly and unfailingly up to the mark and able to supervise our process of advising - before, during and after the projects.

Data Center

We supply a data center based in Germany, fully compliant with data protection legislation and with multi-channel-output. Our data center's services are specialized on secure data transfer and EDI connections, its operations are guaranteed 24/7/365- with 98% availability.