IT Security Concept

Information is the most important asset in your company. Without information, only a few processes can run in the intended shape. The sharing of information with other organizations, which enables rapid and automated handling of processes, increases the importance of the information.

Anything that threatens the information as the basis of your IT structure directly puts the whole company's performance at risk: e.g. confidentiality, accuracy, or currency of the information or its processing functions. We offer a security management in reply to these threats.

The early involvement of security management in an implementation of IT service management processes is necessary both from an economic and a security perspective. Conversely, IT security can only be implemented effectively if all safety measures relate to clearly defined processes and service requirements. We optimize in phase your processes according to these premises.

IT Risk Analysis and Management

On the basis of predefined steps we make sure that your company uses a risk profile in a cost effective manner.

Risk analysis: We collect accurate and current information about vulnerability.

Risk management: We make sure that risk-monitoring processes are properly established, information on risks is available and decisions are supported by a framework of risk analysis and assessment.

Our overarching goal is to assist you in making decisions through an excellent understanding of risks and their impacts.

IT Process Management

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a reference model for IT service processes and as such looks at safety aspects as an essential element of accurately running IT operations. ITIL® thus offers the opportunity to identify and exploit potential synergies with respect to the connections between business and security requirements of IT processes. The ITIL® security management process incorporates other existing ITIL® processes as a starting point and adds them to the activities of security management. Our experts are certified in ITIL® and plan, implement, review and improve your process structures fully compliant with this method. The interfaces of these processes offer a large potential for synergies. We optimize them for you.

IT Governance as a control element of IT is now an integral part of corporate governance. Compliance with regulations and laws such as Basel II and the Sarbanes-Oxley-Act (SOX) is not only a corporate management responsibility, the whole IT organization must now contribute to the fulfillment of these requirements. The integration of business processes and information technology has become so tight that a compliance with the legal requirements can be fulfilled only with the assistance of IT. Continuous monitoring and improvement of IT processes is essential.

Our experts are certified in COBIT® and plan IT Governance using COBIT as an internationally recognized integrated control system, which enables our customers to use standardized methods to measure and assess the performance of their ITSM processes. Only a well-run organization with integrated feedback and a QM cycle can respond accurately - we care for a continuous adjustment.

To support the implementation and execution of security management, we also rely on the reference point of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and various ISO standards and thus offer our customers a full range certification possibility.